Dom Post Ratings

December 21st, 2009 at 11:41 am by David Farrar

and rate the front benches. Their scores:

  • John Key 9.0
  • Bill English 6.5
  • Gerry Brownlee 6.5
  • Simon Power 8.5
  • Tony Ryall 8.0
  • Nick Smith 5.5
  • Judith Collins 7.5
  • Anne Tolley 3.5
  • Chris Finlayson 7.0
  • David Carter 4.0
  • Tariana Turia 7.0
  • Pita Sharples 6.0
  • Rodney Hide 2.0
  • Phil Goff 7.5
  • Annette King 6.5
  • David Cunliffe 6.0
  • Ruth Dyson 5.5
  • Parekura Horomia 4.0
  • Clayton Cosgrove 6.5
  • Chris Carter 2.0
  • Maryan Street 5.0
  • Darren Hughes 6.0
  • David Parker 8.0
  • Russel Norman 6.0
  • Metiria Turei 4.5

While most of the are common sense, I actually would disagree with a few. I can’t imagine how you can say the Shadow Attorney-General (David Parker) is a point higher than the actual Attorney-General (Chris Finlayson). I agree Parker has been one of the better Labour MPs.

Likewise the Dom Post seem to be reflecting Trevor Mallard’s view of Anne Tolley, than the real world. They have rated Parekura Horomia higher than Tolley. Yes, Anne Tolley was a bit unsteady in the House in her early days, but doesn’t look as bothered now. And frankly blaming Tolley for not getting the teacher unions to support national standards as absurd. That is like giving Michael Cullen bad marks as the former Finance Minister for not getting the Roundtable to endorse his policies.

I also can’t see where you rate Carter a 4.0 for Agriculture – just because he is low profile. The feedback I get is that Carter is very respected by the industry.

And on the Labour side, a totally lack of mention of Goff’s biggest fuck up during the year – the Richard Worth scandal. His championing of Neelam Choudary as some shy and retiring person who could not handle Worth blew up massively in his face and damaged his brand. He dropped significantly in the polls after that. A 7.5 is well rather generous for the man whose party is 25 points behind in the polls.

But hey it gets boring if everyone agrees on every rating.

10 Responses to “Dom Post Ratings”

  1. reid (21,390 comments) says:

    Gerry Brownlee, energy: 6.5/10.

    Like a fine wine, improved as the year went on. Nicely judged package of electricity reforms and a welcome ray of wit in the House after the departures of Michael Cullen and Winston Peters. But an ugly fight awaits over his plans to mine conservation land on a scale that may surprise even the environmental lobby. Will lose the PR war for sure if he sticks to his usual bulldozer-like approach to opposition.

    Newsflash lefty journos: Despite your best efforts to whip up a 2010 PR war over mining conservation land, no-one significant will care. Weeping, wailing, teeth-gnashing lying Greenies/Forest&Bird/TV News Anchors notwithstanding.

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  2. Chthoniid (2,064 comments) says:

    I’m also somewhat puzzled by the low ratings of Carter and the high ratings of Goff/King.

    Carter I thought was performing well in a portflio that is not noted for its ‘sexiness’. And he’s not really put a foot wrong.

    I’m struggling to think of the contributions Norman has made that would merit a 6.0. The Government has generated a lot more opportunities for the Greens to get traction on, and they’re not making up any ground on that, nor the collapsed Labour/Left-wing vote.

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  3. Jeff83 (792 comments) says:

    I agree with your analysis as so far as Tolley. The reason she has had a poor term is not because she has failed to get the teachers, and principals (typically more pro National on policy) on board, but rather her incompetent handling of other issues (i.e. the initial decision to reduce teacher numbers, the night class axing) and getting groups on board that are more receptive to ideas. 1/3 of parents said they had concerns about the new standards, 86% of principals who responded to a recent survey said they had concerns 86%!

    She has been a poor performer. I also reckon Brownlee has been underrated, if not based purely alone on that banter posted last week! Was gold.

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  4. Elijah Lineberry (306 comments) says:

    I am astounded at Cosgrove – 6.5; what nonsense, he should be about 0.2 or thereabouts.

    Something which has always intrigued me is whether opinion poll ratings and voting on election day would change significantly if large numbers of people actually listened to Parliament on the radio (or watched it online); actually saw their chaps in action and compared them with the other side’s chaps.

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  5. bc (1,753 comments) says:

    I think the 3.5 rating for Tolley is about right – possibly even a bit generous. She is backing herself into a corner big time with the result that she is lashing out with statements that are getting more bizarre by the day. It really is getting ugly and has the potential to make the rest of the National Party look bad. Like some people on the site she kepts going on about the unions – the union is the least of your troubles Anne! I would be more worried that principals, academics like John Hattie (who is held in high regard internationally) and increasingly parents are not believing what she is saying. She has even being given an “out clause” with a compromise of a trial but still she digs herself deeper into a hole. [Remember this is the politician that wanted to axe 770 teachers – word of advice Anne, parents don’t want larger class sizes than what exist now.]
    So instead of a trail, she decides to pick a fight when teachers contracts expire in 6 months time giving teachers fantastic leverage in the form of industrial action. My prediction: Prrimary teachers will withdraw from National Standards as a form of industrial action next year.

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  6. johnbt (90 comments) says:

    bc, I believe it was Hattie who helped design the standards so I do wonder why he is now against them. It appears to be teachers protesting too much but they are not offering real alternatives to the 20% failing to reach acceptable standards. Why do they think a decline in education standards is a good thing?
    As to the DomPost ratings. Remember possums, this is Tracy and Vernon. I can just imagine Trevor standing behind them giving approval, or not, on anything they write ( now that Cullen is not around ).

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  7. kiwirights (48 comments) says:

    Tolley is clearly out of her depth. She isn’t bright enough to answer questions properly, she doesn’t understand the nuances in the questions. I’m only posting on this because she is so bad – she amazes me by missing the point so often in the House, and I am amazed David you think its okay to post that she has been doing well enough! You have been an apologist twice in 24 hours!

    Mind you, Parekura doesn’t deserve a rating at all. Practically invisible (a remarkable feat, for a man of his standing…)

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  8. greenjacket (1,123 comments) says:

    Anne Tolley’s rating is about right – she just doesn’t have the chops.
    David Carter is rated very highly from people I know in primary industry – the rating says more about how the press gallery journos just doesn’t get out enough. He’s got some big issues ahead of him though – irrigation in the South Island, the ETS, and a lot of industry restructuring.
    Chris Finlayson is doing a really superb job in Treaty negotiations, and has got a lot of trust from people in a very contentious area – he should be higher rating.
    God knows why David Parker scored so highly.

    But the biggest oddity of those ratings is Phil Goff – the fact is that he has consistently dropped the ball – Richard Worth, ACC, pissing off the Maori Party, and then pissing off his own caucus. Rating him a 7.5 is inexplicable.

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  9. Anthony (878 comments) says:

    Rodney shouldn’t be rated 2 just because he was caught taking a few perks. Someone had to steer through the Auckland super city plans and he has kept up the fight against unnecessary regulation. Surely a 5 or 6 is warranted.

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  10. jackp (670 comments) says:

    John Key is doing well. I am suprised because I thought Labour lost the last election.

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