Vodafone v Telecom speeds in Dunedin

October 2nd, 2010 at 2:00 pm by David Farrar

A reader has sent me details of speed testing on an 4 in Dunedin, comparing networks.

The author also has a website, detailing the tests.

He notes these are not a general comparison of speeds between networks, but a comparison on the iPhone 4 only, in Dunedin. He did try six different locations there and his conclusion was that XT provides far greater speeds – but only in places where it works. In two places a good signal could not be located.

3 Responses to “Vodafone v Telecom speeds in Dunedin”

  1. Jack5 (9,299 comments) says:

    Dunedin has tough topography for any wireless transmissions — TV and any other line-of-sight wave transmission, including of course cellphone and cell data. I understand there are blind spots still in Dunedin from normal TV transmission (from towers). It would be surprising if wireless broadband didn’t strike blind spots in Dunedin, too.

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  2. infused (714 comments) says:

    That’s why I never left Telecom. Funny now since all the Vodafone customers that left are trying to come back and cannot since they are locked in to 2-3yr contracts.

    XT always was a far better service than what Vodafone offers.

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  3. pq (728 comments) says:

    The same thing applies to Telstra in Australia.
    The dominant supplier favours itself
    I only download from laptop, and Telstra broadband mobile is expensive but it has the fastest and best coverage .
    Virgin and Bling and the cheap options work in the City.
    But they are slow,
    Australians are about to expend $AUD40 billion on fibre to the outback, selected political areas, and everybody knows its a waste of money.
    Thats the Labour Gillard Government program.
    Sounds like NZ 1984,

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