Kissing while driving

Marty Sharpe at the Dom Post reports:

Police are advising drivers to pull over to the side of the road if they feel amorous after a couple rolled their car while attempting a kiss near Wairoa.

Senior sergeant Tony Bates said the couple in their twenties from Hastings were driving south near Nuhaka, north of Wairoa, when the male driver leaned over to kiss his partner yesterday afternoon.

“The car appears to have veered slightly to the left, gone into a grass verge.

“He tried to gently steer out but started fish-tailing.

“He tried to correct but lost it and slid sideways into drain, where the car slid for some distance on its side before hitting a clump of toetoe and rolling, finishing up on its side. By the time help arrived they had righted the car,” Bates said.

The car, a white Hyundai Accent, was probably a write-off, he said.

The male was uninjured but the female received bruises and a possible broken collarbone.

As the Government has banned using a cellphone while driving, will they also ban kissing while driving?

Will the Herald on Sunday launch a campaign calling on drivers to have no more than two kisses while driving?

Will Family First call on kissing while driving to be discouraged, unless they are a married couple?

Will a Labour MP announce their support for no kissing while driving, and then have TV3 reveal they were filmed kissing in a car after the press gallery party?

Will a taxpayer funded lobby group emerge to publish shonky research on the costs to the taxpayer of kissing while driving?

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