NZ on Discovery Channel tonight

May 17th, 2011 at 4:42 pm by David Farrar

Neil Miller blogs:

New Zealand stars in tonight’s episode of the acclaimed Brew Masters series on the Discovery Channel. The show is hosted by Sam Caligione who is a unique combination of maverick brewer, ambassador, mad scientist and craft pin-up boy. As part of his global journey, he tours New Zealand to experience our craft scene and to brew a collaborative with Luke Nicholas from Epic Brewing Company.

The episode will air on the Discovery Channel tonight (Tuesday 17 May 2011) at 7:30pm in both Australia and New Zealand. The episode has already appeared in America and the official trailer is on-line as well as a review on the respected Brew Nation site.

Sounds like an episode worth watching – promoting NZ beer to the world with no Government funding.

2 Responses to “NZ on Discovery Channel tonight”

  1. decanker (223 comments) says:

    Good on them, but a bit simplistic to say they’ve done it without Govt funding.
    NZ Govt, i.e. NZTE, should continue to do (at the least) what they’ve done for the likes of exportable companies such as Epic.

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  2. hmmokrightitis (1,919 comments) says:

    As much as I hate to say it, the last time I drank too much Epic, I ended up in bed with one of the very coolest girls I went to school with, 30 years after she was cool. She was still cool. I smiled a lot the next day.

    Drink Epic people, you get laid by hot older women, no really!!

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