Arm the taxi drivers says NZ First MP

The Canterbury Star reports:

One of Canterbury’s newest MPs wants to ban the burqa and arm bank tellers, dairy owners and taxi drivers.  

NZ First list MP garnered just 538 votes in the Waimakariri electorate, but swept into Parliament on the strength of party leader Winston Peters’ rise from the grave.  

He makes no apology for the strength of the controversial Rightist ideas he has been pushing for almost 10 years. 

Oh armed taxi drivers would be hilarious fun. You know how the taxi drivers honks and curses when someone cuts them off in traffic? Well now they’ll be able to mow them down.

And think if two drivers get into a dispute over a cab rank. They can sort it out with a duel.

On compulsory military training: “There will be the pacifists, the weaklings, the other cowards and bludgers … who will conscientiously object … they can spend a couple of years picking up rubbish off the beaches and digging out long-drops for DOC instead.”

At least with CMT, people will be better equipped to handle being shot at by bank tellers or taxi drivers.

“As recently as 1973 every bank in New Zealand had a pistol under the counter and tellers undertook regular revolver training.

Really? Can someone confirm this?

He suggests “dairy owners and householders alike” should be allowed to have a “shotgun within reach, and taxi drivers as well as cops should almost be required to have at least a Walther PPK clipped to the sun visor”.

I like how he specifies the brand of the gun. I hope us bloggers will be allowed them also to cope with the stalkers.

I love how so many lefties tactically voted to get NZ First into Parliament. They have made life so much more enjoyable for us bloggers.

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