National candidates picking up Green voters

January 26th, 2012 at 9:28 am by David Farrar

The table below lists in order what percentage of people who gave the Greens their party vote, gave their electorate vote to the National candidate.

It is worth noting that not all electorates are equal. Where a seat had a Green MP as a candidate, few Green voters voted for the National candidate. Also in seats where Labour were trying to win the seat, many Greens voted tactically for the Labour candidate.

% of Gre PV voting Nat EV Nat
Epsom 54.3%
Botany 34.5%
Bay of Plenty 33.5%
Pakuranga 33.0%
Tauranga 28.5%
Helensville 28.0%
Maungakiekie 25.6%
Papakura 25.3%
Taupo 24.9%
Hamilton West 24.7%
Clutha Southland 24.4%
Selwyn 23.4%
Rangitata 21.2%
Northcote 20.9%
Whangarei 20.8%
Tukituki 20.0%
Rotorua 20.0%
Waitaki 19.6%
Rangitikei 19.5%
Tamaki 19.4%
Hunua 19.3%
North Shore 19.3%
Nelson 18.6%
Whanganui 18.3%
East Coast Bays 18.2%
Waikato 18.2%
Napier 18.1%
Taranaki-King Country 18.1%
Hamilton East 17.6%
Invercargill 17.0%
Ilam 16.8%
Otaki 16.5%
Kaikoura 16.0%
Manurewa 15.4%
Northland 13.4%
Waitakere 13.0%
New Plymouth 12.7%
Mana 12.1%
Auckland Central 11.6%
Wairarapa 11.3%
Waimakariri 11.2%
Christchurch Central 11.1%
Rodney 10.9%
East Coast 8.3%
Rimutaka 8.0%
Coromandel 7.8%
Palmerston North 7.7%
Christchurch East 7.5%
Wigram 7.4%
Port Hills 7.2%
Mt Roskill 6.4%
Dunedin North 5.9%
Te Atatu 5.8%
Manukau East 5.7%
New Lynn 5.7%
Mangere 5.5%
Dunedin South 5.4%
Hutt South 5.4%
Ohariu 4.7%
West Coast Tasman 4.1%
Wellington Central 3.5%
Mt Albert 3.4%
Rongotai 2.7%

Epsom at the top is again no surprise, and represents tactical voting. It is interesting that more Green voters tactically voted than Labour voters. In hindsight standing Parker in Epsom was a mistake.

In seven other seats, the National candidate got more than 25% of Green voters.

The seat where the National candidate did best with Green voters, but did not win the seat was (excepting Epsom) Manurewa with 15.4%.

The seat where the National candidate got elected but got the fewest Green votes was Coromandel with 7.8%. Green MP Catherine Delahunty stood there.

The overall bottom seat for Greens voting for the National candidate was Rongotai where Russel Norman stood.

3 Responses to “National candidates picking up Green voters”

  1. tristanb (1,136 comments) says:

    It is interesting that more Green voters tactically voted than Labour voters.

    That means Green Party voters in Epsom are either smarter than the Labour voters, or just more devious and scheming.

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  2. Pete George (24,828 comments) says:

    Greens have no entrenched electorate mentality, their electorate vote is pretty much a free vote as they don’t care about it for their party.

    A green supporter recently posted that we should do away with electorates because the list was all that mattered and electorate MPs were bad for constituents. That may or may not be typical of greens but in any case there’s nothing stopping them being promiscuous with their electorate vote.

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  3. Nick K (2,078 comments) says:

    Goodness, those Greens are hypocrites of the first order.

    For all their wailing and gnashing of teeth on tactical voting and stitch-ups, they tried their darndest to have Nikke Kaye lose in Auckland Central and for John Banks to lose in Epsom, through stitch-ups and tactical voting, and IT STILL FAILED.

    Bahahaha. Mwahahaha.

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