What a surprise

Andrea Vance at Stuff reports:

The public wants reform, but lawyers are not in favour, a new survey shows.

What a surprise. Lawyers are not in favour of getting less money.

A survey, commissioned by the Justice Ministry, shows almost half of the public (47 per cent) believe the current regime does not offer value for money. …

However, a parallel poll surveying legal aid practitioners, showed ”high levels of disagreement with the reforms and dissatisfaction with the way changes have been implemented”.

Respondents disagreed most with the introduction of fixed fees – 72 per cent were against the move. Lawyers will be paid a set rate based on the seriousness of their client’s charges. Previously they were paid an hourly rate and earlier this year the Criminal Bar Association filed papers in the High Court seeking a judicial review.

Which failed if I recall.

There are arguments for and against the reforms. The fact legal aid recipients are not in favour, is hardly novel.

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