More on Liu

Andrea Vance profiles Bill Liu:

He was a high-rolling gambler with a mysterious fortune who lavished cash on political parties and boasted of his connections to MPs – the curious case of Chinese millionaire Yong Ming Yan, also known as , surfaced in the weeks leading up to the 2008 election, embarrassing senior Labour figures.

It has now returned to haunt Labour MPs in Opposition, as they face awkward questions about just how a wealthy donor, wanted for fraud in China, was granted citizenship – overruling the advice of high-ranking officials.

And was given it the day after approval in a special private ceremony in the Labour Caucus Room.

Yan donated $5000 to both National and Labour during the 2005 election campaign. A host of politicians, including Mrs Wong, held fundraisers at his Manukau restaurant, which he is believed to have sold in 2008.

The fundraisers do not count as a donatiion