Invaluable research

Where would we be without such research to tell us what we didn’t know:

Having sex and partying are two of life’s most enjoyable activities, according to a University of Canterbury research project.

What a surprise? Who would have known that sex is an enjoyable activity!!!

Spending time on Facebook and texting, on the other hand, are much less fulfilling.

What if you combine them with sex and partying? Then they are much more fun!

Unsurprisingly, Grimm found “sex or making love” ranked first in the four categories measured in the survey: Pleasure, meaning, engagement, and happiness.

Drinking alcohol or partying ranked second in the pleasure and happiness stakes, but was rated much less meaningful.

Partying is very meaningful! Well, when it leads to sex it is 🙂

Surprisingly, Facebook was seen as the least meaningful, and also rated poorly in the other three categories.

How about Twitter?

“Treasury is now including well-being measures – life satisfaction – in its higher living standards framework, so governments are into this well-being stuff,” he said.

Now this has potential. Treasury is now going to focus on measures such as well-being and life satisfaction. And this research has shown sex is what we rate highest for well-being. So I want to see Treasury do some policy proposals on how to increase the amount of sex New Zealanders are having.

The proposals should consider the issue from both a quantitative and qualitative viewpoint – more sex and better sex for all (adult consenting) New Zealanders.

Maybe it could also be a job for the Productivity Commission?

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