Russel wants Finance and seven Ministers

Green Party leader is reported on 3 News:

The and are already fighting over how a left-wing coalition would work, following a 3 News Reid-Research poll that shows they could form a government together.

Greens co-leader Russel Norman wants to be Minister of Finance, and is demanding his MPs make up to a third of the Cabinet.

“It’s one of the portfolios that will be on the table,” says Dr Norman. “It will be part of the negotiating mix.”

Yes, that’s right: Dr Norman wants to control the country’s finances. He would be in charge of the Budget.

Quick go buy those shares in Xerox now, before NZ gives them the contact to start printing more money!

But Mr Shearer had a one word answer about giving him the job – “no”.

Shearer can say that now, but the reality is it will all depend on the relative vote of Labour and Greens, if they get to form a Government. If Labour gets 40% and Greens 10% then no they won’t. If Labour got 30% and Greens 15% then I’d say they would get it.

So Dr Norman’s demands go on. He wants a “proportional Cabinet” that reflects the Greens’ presence. That would mean five to seven ministerial roles.

“That would be the fair approach,” says Dr Norman.

“That would seem to be the fair way to do it,” says Mr Shearer.

So Dr Norman wants Finance, Metiria Turei could get Social Development, Kevin Hague may get Health, Kennedy Graham could go for Trade, Eugenie Sage for the Christchurch rebuild, Gareth Hughes with Energy and Catherine Delahunty with Education.

A welfare minister who believes every family, no matter how wealthy,  should be receiving welfare. A trade minister against trade. An energy minister against energy. That will be fun.

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