Vigilantes in London reports:

Police launched an investigation into the group, who call themselves Muslim Patrol, after footage emerged showing the men in vigilante mode, the Daily Mail reports.

In one scene the men are heard calling white women ”naked animals with no self-respect”.

In another scene, the men snatch alcohol from people in the street saying it’s ”evil”.

The group has filmed its antics and uploaded videos on YouTube.

The most recent video was uploaded on Sunday.

Shot on a mobile phone, the latest footage shows a number of men shouting ”this is a Muslim area” towards white Britons.

Scotland Yard says it is investigating.

The Muslim Council of Britain has condemned the group.

It’s only a couple of idiots, but they do a lot of damage with such actions. I hope the Police catch and identify them. It would be wonderful if they do not have permanent residency ad can be deported. They should move to a country that does have sharia law, so they can be happy there.

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