Chopping Glenn down

Poor . He made his fortune overseas, and in recent years has spent a significant portion of it trying to improve New Zealand. His biggest desire was to spent $80 million on reducing child abuse. But of course, he must be dragged down because he has not led a life of perfection. The SST reports:

Millionaire businessman Sir Owen Glenn’s inquiry into domestic violence and child abuse is under further pressure with revelations he was accused of physically abusing a young woman in Hawaii in 2002.

Court documents seen by Fairfax Media show Glenn offered a plea of no contest when the case came before the courts in Hawaii in 2003. That plea means the charge was not contested or admitted. Glenn was put on probation, and the charge was dismissed in 2004 when the probationary period ended.

Court documents show Glenn was arrested in a Honolulu hotel in the early hours of September 10, 2002, and was charged with “abuse of family or household members”. …

Glenn yesterday said in a statement that there was no truth to the allegation.

“My regret now is that I didn’t take the matter to court, however after two years of dispute in the American court system and at the strong advice of my American lawyer I resolved the case in Hawaii to avoid further horrendous court costs, and to bring the matter to an end on an agreed basis which resulted in an order of dismissal.

“It saddens me that yet again it appears the New Zealand media is delving into my personal life to fill their pages while New Zealand is ranked the third highest country in the world for rape and this issue goes virtually unreported.”

Sadly I think this now kills off his inquiry. Sir Owen should focus his efforts in an area where he won’t be turned on and pilloried.


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