A deputy for Winston – just 18 months late

Winston announced after the election, they would appoint/annoint a Deputy Leader for him by March 2012. Now in October 2013 we read in the Herald:

However, he did make what may be a concession to the fact the party must at some point face life without him by yesterday revealing it will select a deputy leader “within a few weeks”.

While NZ First has had deputy leaders before, it hasn’t had one for some years.

Mr Peters, his MPs and party members are all reluctant to discuss who might take over when he steps down but the appointment of a deputy would surely provide some kind of answer.

Already at number two on the party list is Tracey Martin.

Ms Martin is likely to have some handy allies in the party hierarchy and membership given her mother and long-time party secretary, Anne Martin, was yesterday elected party president. But neither Tracey Martin nor anyone else at the senior or any other level of the party appears to have anything like even the potential to develop the abilities, experience and charisma of Mr Peters.

How about Brendan Horan? Richard Prosser?

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