Tongariro Northern Circuit Day 4


Sunday was the final day. The day started off cloudy with a few showers but the jackets didn’t stay on for long.


A lot of walking through scrub for the first few kms. As my leg was somewhat grazed, this resulted in a small amount of pain as you get through the scrub.


The path varies from a well formed track to open plains.


Then the sun came out and we got a rainbow which followed us along for a couple of hours.


With the sun out, lots of nice walking over the plains.


Ruapehu looming in the background.


Then a quick detour to the lower Tama lake. A lot of people do a day walk in, just to see the lake.


Slightly more hilly towards the end, but nothing difficult.


Another quick detour to see the Taranaki Falls. At this stage less than an hour to go.


A view from the top of the falls.


A rabbit that was crossed our path.


The final km or so was a nice bush walk.


And around 15 kms later, we’re out. We had quite a good pace for the final day, and took only around three and a half hours. Lunch at the Chateau Tongariro Cafe followed, and then a long drive home. As we got stuck in traffic for around 90 minutes at Otaki and Waikanae, I cursed all those opposing the Northern Corridor expansion.

A very enjoyable four day tramp. Very different to the Heaphy. Only around half as long, but much more rugged and hilly. The volcanic plateaus are quite spectacular, and it is was a great way to spend the long Waitangi weekend.

The plan is to pop back next summer and try to do some or all of the other peaks.