He’d make a good Mayor of Toronto!

March 12th, 2014 at 7:00 am by David Farrar

News.com.au reports:

TREASURER , 47, has suffered a mental health breakdown and has resigned from the WA Cabinet, effectively ending his political career.

Premier Colin Barnett yesterday faced an extraordinary press conference, revealing the Treasurer has suffered a “mental health’’ breakdown and had been admitted to hospital in Perth and then Sydney, where he remained for about 10 days.

This comes after he crashed his ministerial car drink driving. It’s amazing Buswell has survived this long:

January 2008: Mr Buswell admits to and apologises for an incident the previous year where he snapped the elastic bra strap of a Labor staffer.

April 2008: Mr Buswell admits he sniffed the chair of a Liberal staffer in 2005.

August 2008: Mr Buswell resigns as Liberal leader.

April 2010: Mr Buswell admits to having an affair with then Fremantle Greens MP Adele Carles. He later apologises over the affair resigns as treasurer.

February 2011: Mr Buswell, as transport minister, admits to clocking up nine speeding fines in three years.

December 2012: Mr Buswell is accused by Adele Carles of alleged inappropriate behaviour at a Christmas party the year before. Mr Buswell sues Ms Carles over the allegations but the case is later dealt with via an out-of-court settlement.

March 2014: Mr Buswell takes immediate personal leave for “health related” reasons. Reports then emerge Buswell was involved in a late-night car crash the night before he took leave.

With that track record, maybe he should move to Canada and try and stand to be Mayor of Toronto!

7 Responses to “He’d make a good Mayor of Toronto!”

  1. duggledog (2,394 comments) says:

    Would be no worse than what Auckland has currently.

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  2. duggledog (2,394 comments) says:

    I’d rather a Mayor who clocks up (more) stray roots and speeding fines than one who clocks up billions in debt.

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  3. Harriet (7,618 comments) says:

    I was going to list this from another source yesterday. But the thing is, Troy Buswell was a very good treasurer and MP. His loss will be of concern to the WA Liberals – albeit they will be glad to see the end of all his stupidity.

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  4. Southern Raider (2,119 comments) says:

    What do we think the turning point was from being a dickhead to a complete train wreck? My vote is when he decided to sleep with a Green MP.

    Note sure what they look like in Australia, but if NZ is anything to go on he would have been picking the apple from the bottom of the barrel. To make things worse he would have had to listen to her the next morning.

    That is probably what started the path towards the mental breakdown.

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  5. davidp (3,870 comments) says:

    He had an affair with a Green? That means he must have been pretty much continuously drunk for an extended period.

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  6. ChardonnayGuy (1,618 comments) says:

    Let’s face it, anyone else would be better than R*b F**d, the walking brewery and crackhead, who currently occupies the role.

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  7. lazza (615 comments) says:

    Errr you may mean … A Mayoral prospect … closer to home?

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