A backlash within Labour to Cunliffe’s new immigration stance

has tried to stand for , is a long-time activist, and a former ministerial staffer. He tweeted:

And in case there is any doubt about whom he is referring to:

Ouch. A former staffer and aspiring candidate says the leader has jumped the shark and compares him to Don Brash. Worse, he says he will not even vote Labour now – and I suspect James has voted Labour all his life.

I can’t wait for Labour to clarify if it only wants to reduce the number of skilled migrants that can come to NZ, or if it also wishes to reduce the number of refugees and those coming under special quotas such as the Pacific Islands.

A Labour Party leader campaigning on NZ should have fewer migrants is like Tony Abbott deciding that we need to increase tax rates on the higher income earners. Both go against their core values.

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