50th Otago Foreign Policy School

The 50th Otago Foreign Policy School is on from Friday 26 to Sunday 28 June.

A must attend for wonks. Some of the speakers and topics are:

  • Mr Colin Keating – ‘New Zealand’s election to the UN Security Council in October 2014: How was it accomplished and what does it mean?’
  • Professor Jacqui True (Monash University) – ‘The Globalisation of the Human Security Norm: New Zealand Leadership and Followership in the World’
  • Ms Lucy Duncan, Group Manager, Strategy and Governance Group, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), Wellington – ‘The Role of the New Zealand Diplomat: Past, Present and Future’.
  • Professor Hugh White (ANU) – ‘Old Friends in a new Asia: Australia, New Zealand and the Rise of China’
  • Dr Joe Burton (Victoria University of Wellington) – ‘New Zealand-US Relations and the Obama Administration’s Pivot to Asia’
  • Dr Anna Powles, Massey University – ‘New Zealand’s Foreign and Defence Policy in the Pacific: Shifting Regional Geopolitics and the Risk of Diminishing Relevance’
  • Dr Adrian Macey, Senior Associate (Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, Victoria University of Wellington) – ‘The Environment and Foreign Policy: New Zealand’s Climate Change Diplomacy’
  • Professor David MacDonald (Guelph) – ‘Exporting Aotearoa New Zealand’s Biculturalism: Lessons for Aboriginal-Settler Relations in Canada’
  • Mr Terence O’Brien, (Victoria University of Wellington) – ‘National Identity and New Zealand Foreign Policy’
  • Dr James Rolfe (Centre for Strategic Studies, Victoria University of Wellington) ‘Intelligence, Accountability and New Zealand’s National Security’
  • Dr Paul Buchanan, Director (36th Parallel Consultancy) – ‘Foreign Policy Realignment and Institutional Lag: the case of the New Zealand intelligence community’


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