Could it be Henry vs Hosking?

John Drinnan writes in the NZ Herald:

Following the announcement that John Campbell is leaving Mediaworks, the company will be tempted to place in to Campbell’s spot at 7pm, continuing with his morning experiment broadcasting on TV3 and RadioLive from 6 am to 9am.

On the face of it that would be a disastrous decision, turning around the target audience and abandoning a newly revived following. Their audience is diametrically opposed and Henry has had a rotten start in his morning show ratings.

But chief executive Mark Weldon and board member Julie Christie love Henry as the face of the company. MediaWorks has already made it clear the new show would not be just a tweaking of the Campbell Live format.

I think some on the left would actually explode in outrage if the 7 pm slot was a choice between on TV One and Paul Henry on TV3.

That is of course an excellent reason to do it!

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