Moroney is right – fake refugees should be kicked out

Stuff reports:

New Zealand will let 27 people who came here under false claims stay.

Radio New Zealand obtained documents from Immigration New Zealand’s refugee and protection unit and appeal tribunal.

The Immigration New Zealand’s refugee and protection unit were not happy with the decision by Department of Internal Affairs to allow the 27 refugees to stay in New Zealand despite it being found out, once the refugees were in New Zealand, that their claims had been false.

I’m not happy either.

The department had not explained its reason for allowing the refugees to stay, Radio NZ reported.

They should front up and explain.

The minutes show Immigration NZ believed the decision undermined the refugee system from being a future target for fraud.

You encourage more fraud if you reward the fraudsters with what they wanted to achieve with their fraud.

Labour immigration spokesperson said Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne needed to explain the situation, which could have left 27 genuine refugee claims out in the cold.

Yep, there are a limited number of spaces.

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