Peck retires

has announced on Facebook:

I have today informed Labour Party managers for the upcoming local body elections that I will not be seeking selection to contest the Lambton Ward, or any other ward for the .

I have decided to clear the decks so that good candidates can emerge to put their hands up for selection.

I will complete my term and meet my responsibilities to the Council.

I want to thank all those who have supported me during this triennium.

By the time the term is over I will have completed fifteen years of public service and it is time to pull up stumps.

It is unusual to retire after just one term on a body. It will make Lambton Ward very interesting for 2016 to see who comes through.

There’s a lot I didn’t agree with Cr Peck on, but I did like his FB post just prior to this one:

I am interested in a discussion about the reform of councillor numbers in Wellington.

Do we need 15 on council (includes the Mayor) or multi member wards?

Downsizing to 7 or 9 councillors would save in salaries alone about $1.62m over the triennium. The reason for an odd number is to make it possible on most occasions for a majority to be achieved on any issue.

One councillor per ward makes accountability fairly obvious too.

There is a tonne of literature that the ideal size for a board or council for decision making purposes is around seven to nine, with 12 being probably as big as you want to go. So I support Peck in saying a smaller Council would be a good thing.

I also have long supported single Councillor wards. I think you would get better informed voting, and with smaller wards, have Councillors better in touch with their community.

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