Kelly calls for a cannabis referendum

Stuff reports:

Terminally ill former trade unions boss wants a on whether should be legalised, and says she is talking to MPs about making it happen.

Kelly, who has lung cancer, has been taking cannabis oil sourced from the black market to relieve her pain and believes it is “absolutely ludicrous” New Zealand’s laws have forced her to do so.

“If we can have a referendum on the New Zealand flag, then we can have a referendum on this issue,” she said on Saturday. …

Kelly said she had talked with some MPs about getting something on the ballot in 2017, and they were on board with the idea.

The issue of whether or not cannabis should be decriminalised could also be addressed, she said.

My only issue would be the timing. I’d like to see the results of the legalisation in Colorado and Washington states, before we make a decision. Evidence based decision making. But generally I favour it being legalised and treated as a health, not criminal, issue.

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