Palino standing for Mayor again

Rebecca Wright reports:

is standing to be the Mayor of Auckland.

He will make the announcement next Monday at 2pm at his new cafe, Friend of the Farmer in Takanini.

I know this because the man himself just rang me to let me know where and when he will be declaring.

Palino would beat Len Brown this time, if Len was standing again.

But Len isn’t standing. Phil Goff is standing to be Len’s successor from the left.

Palino standing means there will be four centre-right candidates (so far). That is very good news for Phil Goff. Under FPP he could win with as little as 25% to 30% of the vote.

What will be interesting to watch will be the first public polls. Which ever CR candidate is leading in the polls, may benefit from tactical support, and see them become the leading change candidate (Goff is very clearly status quo).

So my advice to candidates would be to start campaigning and spending as early as possible, as the first public polls could prove quite influential.

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