House owners feel vilified by Moroney

March 30th, 2016 at 10:00 am by David Farrar

Stuff reports:

In a post on Twitter from Monday, after preliminary results were announced last week, Moroney shared a photo of a house still flying the Lockwood design, adding: “Just ‘ is [sic] you own a flash beach house doesn’t mean you get to decide our flag.”

A family member of the beach house’s owners, who did not want to be named, said Moroney’s comments had upset them.

“We are shocked by her comments vilifying us for owning a beach house and….suggesting that because we are apparently ‘rich’, this does not give us the right to have an opinion on our national flag.

“Her judgements came across badly and we did not appreciate having photos of our property published online simply, because we had a different opinion on the flag choice.”

It reminds me of when a Labour MP attacked the Mad Butcher because he dared to express a political opinion she disagreed with. She called for his shops to be boycotted!

According to Parliament’s register of pecuniary interests, Moroney jointly owns a holiday home in the Coromandel. However, she denied her remarks were hypocritical – although she would not explain why she made the “flash beach house” remark.

“The issue wasn’t about that…I’m a bach owner myself, so I’m clearly not opposed to bach ownership, so I’ll leave it at that.”

If the issue wasn’t about that, why did she refer to them as owning a flash beach house, and tweeting a photo of it?

Tracy Watkins writes:

What was Sue Moroney thinking? The Labour MP’s ill judged tweet deriding a “flash bach owner” for flying the failed Kyle Lockwood designed flag reeks of intolerance and sought to make the flag referendum something it wasn’t – a class war, rich versus poor, the privileged versus the have-nots.  

That may have reflected the views of Moroney’s small circle of Twitter followers but the public backlash suggests she was sorely out of touch with the one million-odd New Zealanders who voted for a change of flag.

Very out of touch.

Moroney’s tweet no doubt reflected back the views of those in her Twitter clique. And that’s the problem with Twitter especially. 

It has became an online echo chamber, in which its users follow others who share their own views and political opinions. And that in turn leads to a mob mentality when the group turns on the views or opinions of those who don’t agree with them.

For the average user, suffering under the illusion that Twitter reflects public opinion may not be a problem. But for an MP or anyone in the public eye, there are two good reasons to be wary.

Tweets that play to the political sympathies or prejudices or your Twitter circle can quickly backfire if they go viral.

And Twitter offers a highly distorted view of the world because it remains the domain of a small if active circle of users who in the main are only talking to each other. 

The danger is mistaking the noise on Twitter for wider public opinion.

Labour MPs seem to do this constantly. They need to get out more.

Labour disdain for beach house owners

March 29th, 2016 at 10:00 am by David Farrar

Just look at the hatred and resentment coming from Labour MP Sue Moroney towards these people.

Their sin is:

  1. They own a beach house
  2. They were flying the Kyle Lockwood flag

Is this a new Labour policy – people who own beach houses should not get to vote?

Perhaps this sneering at New Zealanders explains Moroney’s electoral record:

  • 1996 – lost Karapiro
  • 2002 – lost Piako
  • 2005 -lost Piako
  • 2008 – lost Hamilton East
  • 2011- lost Hamilton West
  • 2014 – lost Hamlton West

UPDATE: I’m told Sue Moroney has a beach house herself. So she is against beach house owners, except if they are Labour MPs? Hypocritical as well as offensive.

Moroney is right – fake refugees should be kicked out

August 12th, 2015 at 2:00 pm by David Farrar

Stuff reports:

New Zealand will let 27 people who came here under false refugee claims stay.

Radio New Zealand obtained documents from Immigration New Zealand’s refugee and protection unit and appeal tribunal.

The Immigration New Zealand’s refugee and protection unit were not happy with the decision by Department of Internal Affairs to allow the 27 refugees to stay in New Zealand despite it being found out, once the refugees were in New Zealand, that their claims had been false.

I’m not happy either.

The department had not explained its reason for allowing the refugees to stay, Radio NZ reported.

They should front up and explain.

The minutes show Immigration NZ believed the decision undermined the refugee system from being a future target for fraud.

You encourage more fraud if you reward the fraudsters with what they wanted to achieve with their fraud.

Labour immigration spokesperson Sue Moroney said Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne needed to explain the situation, which could have left 27 genuine refugee claims out in the cold.

Yep, there are a limited number of spaces.

June 26th, 2014 at 2:00 pm by David Farrar

Stuff reports:

From John Key’s Facebook page to the Official Monster Raving Loony Party and a video of a laser-chasing kitty cat – the man behind Sue Moroney’s billboard prank is offering a moving feast of political larrikinism.

This has been hilarious – the latest redirect is to The Civilian,

Last week, Moroney erected an election sign in the Hamilton West electorate with an expired domain name obscured under masking tape.

The masking tape was removed, revealing an obsolete campaign web address from 2008. Someone notified West Auckland IT guy Frank Collingwood, who registered it and began his shenanigans.

“It’s their own fault for putting up a billboard with an expired domain name, which can be registered by anyone,” Collingwood said in an email.

Collingwood was last in Hamilton more than a decade ago and was not affiliated with any political party in New Zealand, but said the claim the prime minister was behind it was “quite frankly, ridiculous”.

Moroney was silly enough to use some old hoardings, and she is blaming the PM for this guy having a sense of humour.

He said the link to Key’s Facebook page was “one in a long list of possible redirections” which had gone from the moggy videos to McGillicuddy Serious Party archives posted on Youtube.

The Monster Raving Loony Party was established in England in 1983 by musician David Sutch, better known as Screaming Lord Sutch, who Collingwood said was an “absolute legend” and “superb role model” for politicians.

“I really don’t even want any publicity, just seemed a good prank at a time when pollies across the spectrum are taking themselves far too seriously,” he said.

I wonder how many other Labour hoardings have the old URL on them, plastered over? One good reasons to not have a different site for every election.

Labour even complains about new schools!

March 10th, 2013 at 7:00 am by David Farrar

Newstalk ZB reports:

Two new schools are to be built in north east Hamilton, but the plans are not without controversy.

Minister of Education Hekia Parata has announced a primary school will be built in Flagstaff by 2015, and a secondary school by 2016.

Labour MP Sue Moroney says locals have been calling for a secondary school for five years, but the primary is not seen as such a priority.

“The proposal for a new primary school? Well that’s come out of left field, or right field as it might be.

“It’s not the priority. The community is very clear about its priorities, they want the secondary school in place.”

Hekia Parata says the evidence shows the primary school will be needed first in the area, which is growing rapidly.

Just because you are in opposition doesn’t mean you need to oppose everything the Government announces. Criticising the Government for spending $10 million on a new primary school for Hamilton is not likely to help you win the seat.

There are projected to be an extra 600 primary age students in North-East Hamilton by 2016.

The new secondary school will be the first new one in 40 years I believe. It reflects how strong the population growth there is.

Why it won’t be over today

November 20th, 2012 at 12:39 pm by David Farrar

Watch this video of Labour List MP Sue Moroney make it very clear that she is only voting for Shearer today, and will consult her members over who to vote for in February. She will not be alone. She refuses to ever say she will keep backing Shearer – just that she is always loyal the leader. That is code for “up until the point he or she goes”.

The video is front

Also watch this video of David Parker calling David Cunliffe’s actions at the conference “destructive”.

It is going to be a brutal caucus.

Labour’s minor reshuffle

April 5th, 2011 at 3:00 pm by David Farrar

Claire Trevett in the NZ Herald reports:

Sue Moroney has been awarded the front bench slot left empty by the resignation of Darren Hughes and has taken on his education portfolio.

Labour leader Phil Goff announced the mini-shuffle this morning, giving Sue Moroney responsibility for the primary and secondary schooling areas as well as the early childhood portofilio she already held.

That’s a big promotion for Moroney. She’s been fairly low profile since she entered in 2005, so this is her oportunity to make her name. She’s only 46, so if she does well, could be a front bench Minister in a future Labour Government.

Old hand Rick Barker was elected uncontested by caucus to the position of senior whip, a nod to his experience in the role and the desire for stability in the eight months before the election. He was previously a senior Government whip. He will stand down from his role as assistant Speaker to fulfil the whip’s role.

This is quite significant. Barker is turning 60 this year and has been an MP for 18 years. I would have judged him at risk of not having a winnable list place. But now he is their chief whip, they have to give him a winnable spot on the list. So it means one less spot for new candidates.

Barker is a former senior whip, so will beable to do the role easily. But not the best sign for Labour that they had to appoint an MP whom many considered was due to retire, as he lost his Tukituki seat in 2005.

Mr Goff said he would nominate Ross Robertson to take on the Speaker position in his lieu.

Which Ross is very good at. When Labour nominated Barker for the role, instead of Robertson, in late 2008 it was taken as a hint that he should retire. But he is also again standing in 2011, which again makes rejuvenation that much harder. Robertson is 62 and been an MP for 24 years.

NZ has 5th smallest gender gap in the world

October 14th, 2010 at 11:00 am by David Farrar

New Zealand has again been judged to have the 5th smallest gender gap in the world, for at least the third year running. The only countries higher are Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

The UK is 15th, US 19th, Canada 20th and Australia 23rd.

Down the bottom we have Yemen, Chad, Pakistan, Mali and Côte d’Ivoire.

Labour MP Sue Moroney has said:

Today’s Global Gender Gap report, written by the World Economic Forum, shows NZ sliding towards a lower ranking says Labour Spokesperson for Women’s Affairs, Sue Moroney.

“For the first time in five years, New Zealand’s score has dropped and while it retained its fifth-placed ranking, it is now at risk of being overtaken by Ireland in next year’s report unless the Government stops going backwards on wage equality for similar work, enrolment of women in tertiary education, literacy rates for females, female to male wage ratios, and women in Ministerial positions.

“The international report shows NZ has gone backwards in five key areas for women in 2010 after having made steady progress in the previous four years,” said Sue Moroney.

Now the overall score has slightly declined, but let us look at these “five key areas” where Moroney claims NZ is going backwards. She cites one as enrolment of women in tertiary education.

Now in fact women massively outnumber men in tertiary education. In 2009 the ratio was 1.49 to 1 and in 2010 it was 1.48 to 1. So Moroney is actually complaining that men are slighlt less disadvantaged in an area where they are massively disadvantaged. Moroney has taken an idiotic stance that the higher the ratio is for women, the better for NZ. So in her world a 5:1 ration of women over men in tertiary education would be better than 4:1.

And on the issue of gender pay gap, the Herald reported:

Last week Women’s Affairs Minister Pansy Wong praised the latest New Zealand Income Survey results, saying they showed the gender pay gap was closing, down from 11.3 per cent last year to 10.6 per cent.

But Pay and Employment Equity Coalition spokeswoman Angela McLeod said at the time that the apparent drop was a result of a poor economy.

“Incomes are dropping and more households are dependent on women’s lower paid work.

“This is not a real closing of the gender pay gap, but an outcome of the recession and higher unemployment,” Ms McLeod said.

Now I actually agree with McLeod. One doesn’t celebrate a lower gender gap on the basis that both men’s and women’s wages have fallen, but men have fallen slightly more closing the gap.

But this is what many on the left effectively advocate with their insistence of reducing income inequality. They regard it as horrendous that the top 10% income earners wages by go up 5% if the bottom 10% only go up 4%. But they celebrate NZ is a more equal society if the top 10% have their wages drop 5%, so long as the bottom 10% only have their wages drop 4%.

Are Labour shafting Ross Robertson?

November 19th, 2008 at 12:39 pm by David Farrar

I’ve heard from a fairly reliable source that the highly respected Ross Robertson will not be nominated by Labour as an Assistant Speaker, but instead Sue Moroney is favoured.

This is not confirmed. Moroney seems a competent sort, but Roberston is held in high regqard by most MPs as a very fair Assistant Speaker. It has been suggested to me some MPs are angry with him for not retiring and letting new blood come through, so they will punish him by taking his prized role off him.

I guess we’ll find out by early December when the roles are elected.

In case you’ve not seen it

October 7th, 2008 at 9:42 pm by David Farrar

I am sure most have seen this on other blogs, but somehow I feel the need to have it here for the record.

Hat Tip: Big News

I cannot walk away from the truth

September 12th, 2008 at 11:30 am by David Farrar

That is the quote from the brother of Labour MP Sue Moroney. He says:

Champion horse trainer Paul Moroney says he approached Owen Glenn with his recollection of Winston Peters thanking him for the $100,000 donation because “I cannot walk away from the truth”.

Mr Moroney said when the story broke and he saw Mr Peters’ continued denials he realised he had crucial knowledge. “I said to people: ‘I am staggered by what’s happening here’.”

He then made a “personal decision” to tell Mr Glenn what he knew knowing he was coming to New Zealand to appear before Parliament’s privileges committee – but never spoke to him directly, dealing only briefly with an assistant.

So he was not asked by Glenn to confirm Glenn’s story. He came forward on his own volition, because he could not walk away from the truth.

Mr Moroney said he expected a backlash from the racing community as Mr Peters was a popular minister.

“This is not about the racing industry. This is about the truth. And I cannot walk away from the truth.”

And he told the truth even though it was not in his best interests to do so.

This is a key point to remember.

Owen Glenn saying that Peters solicited the money does not advantage Owen Glenn. If anything it has disadvantaged him. Paul Moroney saying he witnessed Peters thanking Glenn does not advantage Moroney, it disadvantages him.

Winston Peters saying that he knew nothing about the money advanatges Peters massively.

Mr Moroney said he realised he had put his sister, Labour MP Sue Moroney, in an “awkward position”. He had informed her of his knowledge about three months ago without telling her the full story.

Now who thinks that Sue Moroney would not have told Helen Clark that her brother witnessed Winston thanking Glenn for the donation?