I cannot walk away from the truth

That is the quote from the brother of Labour MP . He says:

Champion horse trainer says he approached with his recollection of Winston Peters thanking him for the $100,000 donation because “I cannot walk away from the truth”.

Mr Moroney said when the story broke and he saw Mr Peters’ continued denials he realised he had crucial knowledge. “I said to people: ‘I am staggered by what’s happening here’.”

He then made a “personal decision” to tell Mr Glenn what he knew knowing he was coming to New Zealand to appear before Parliament’s – but never spoke to him directly, dealing only briefly with an assistant.

So he was not asked by Glenn to confirm Glenn’s story. He came forward on his own volition, because he could not walk away from the truth.

Mr Moroney said he expected a backlash from the racing community as Mr Peters was a popular minister.

“This is not about the racing industry. This is about the truth. And I cannot walk away from the truth.”

And he told the truth even though it was not in his best interests to do so.

This is a key point to remember.

Owen Glenn saying that Peters solicited the money does not advantage Owen Glenn. If anything it has disadvantaged him. Paul Moroney saying he witnessed Peters thanking Glenn does not advantage Moroney, it disadvantages him.

Winston Peters saying that he knew nothing about the money advanatges Peters massively.

Mr Moroney said he realised he had put his sister, Labour MP Sue Moroney, in an “awkward position”. He had informed her of his knowledge about three months ago without telling her the full story.

Now who thinks that Sue Moroney would not have told that her brother witnessed Winston thanking Glenn for the donation?

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