Oh for God’s sake

“Oh for God’s sake” was my reaction upon hearing that Labour’s Social Services Minister blames the dysfunctionality of CYF not only on the Government which left office in 1999 but on Jenny Shipley who was Welfare Minister from 1991 to 1993 – 10 to 12 years ago.

Maharey has been Minister for four years, or 48 months, or 208 weeks or a total of 1,456 days and somehow it is not his fault but the fault of a predeccesor from over a decade ago.

Maharey seems to care more about ducking responsibility than fixing the problems. Could you imagine in a private company a balls up on the scale of the CYF dysfunctionality and the Manager in charge saying “Oh it is all the fault of Bob who was here 10 to 12 years ago”. They would be fired in a second.

I also find distasteful Maharey’s description of CYF as abused and neglected. Using the tragedy of child abuse to try and score political points with inane analogies just confirms superficiality. All fits in with what we heard in the Rankin trial about obsession with how he is perceived.

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