Score one for the Gipper

CBS, the US Broadcaster, has basically ditched its controversial plans to air a miniseries abour former US president Reagan and wife Nancy.

Russell Brown locally and Democrat power player Barbra Streisand are outraged over what they call censorship, but I heartily disagree.

The leaked script made it very clear this was a partisan unbalanced untruthful smear programme on a man who is in his dying days and can’t answer back. I regard it as a good thing that community outrage can knock this off the air, just as outrage forced Holmes to apologise and helped get Pam Corkery sacked.

Censorship is when the Government does it. Democracy is about people having their say and publicly complaining about things they don’t like. Issuing a press release is not book burning.

Frankly the US media has a huge left wing bias which has been well documented. The only way ordinary citizens can get a more balanced news media is to fight back with the power of the Internet. No longer can the media operate as their own judges. The Internet has given us the power to document their mistakes and biases and assert pressure for higher standards. I for one intend to use it.

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