Blog reactions to CUB

Thought a summary of blog reaction to the sucessful first reading of the CUB would be useful.

Darkness – “the five minute of Britney Spears degrades the religious institution much more than a gay couple in love confirming their commitment to each other”

Kiwi Pundit – “The other Act MP to vote against was the always appalling and anti-liberal Muriel Newman”

Aaron Bhatnagar – “What is the point in Mr Choudhary being in Parliament? He failed to speak his mind over the legalization of prostitution last year. He has again failed to speak his mind. He is a ditherer to the order of Alamein Kopu”

The Whig – “Still can’t quite believe Deborah Coddington voted against, but I suspect it was for ‘libertarian’ reasons, rather than conservative ones”

Big News – “MPs who have supported this bill have supported it for the first reading have no intention of supporting it any further”

Just Left – “Particular marks go to Bill Gudgeon for horrifying everyone”

Span – “those Labour MPs who voted against it should be ashamed”

Catholic Action – “Any MP who votes for the ‘Civil Union’ Bill is diabolically disorientated. Any MP who votes for the ‘Civil Union’ Bill is on the road to Hell for all eternity. Any MP who is cast into Hell will burn forever in an unquenchable fire.”

Russell Brown – “it would have been spectacularly easy for National’s leader, Don Brash, to have played politics, but he voted with his conscience”

No Right Turn – “I’m pleased to see that ACT are acting more like a liberal party”

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