Heh heh

John Tamihere’s latest blog entry is a classic – in fact the Dominion Post refused to print it, so he blogged it instead.

The portion on Rodney perk busting John Key for the 5th form ball he organised was very good, as was the description of Rodney phoning Don calling himself “Finance Minister Rodney Hide”.

Also the branding of Heather Roy, Muriel Newman, Deborah Coddington and Katherine Rich as the four horsewoman of the Apocalypse can only increase the number of doomsday cults because if they represent the Apocalypse, most men are going to say “bring it on”.

It’s nice to be able to see good satire from the left without it being personally nasty (which all too often it is). Of course those portrayed may see it differently but I thought it very funny.

If I had the time (this week is insanely busy) I would do my own portrayal of Helen negotiating with Tariana, Rod, Jeanette, Peter, WInston and Jim. How about some contributions from readers and and we can award prizes for the most humourous.

The four horseman of St Molesworth should be able to come up with something suitable.

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