Unusual Visitors

A wee while ago I had a unexpected knock on the door. Looking the peephole I saw two women, and as neither was attractive, I went back to bed assuming they were selling something.

However they kept knocking so I finally answered the door, and the first words that greeted me were “Do you know what 666 stands for”. Now I have had bible bashers before, but normally they start off in a less direct manner.

I replied that it was “the mark of the beast” and one of the woman replied “yes, but it is also the mark of men serve the beast”. Now I have to admit that at stage I did begin to wonder if this was a random visit or if my msn email address of dpf666@hotmail.com had come to someone’s notice. I started looking for signs of hidden knifes.

A reading from the bible about the work of the beast and 666 followed and then several publications were given to me. They then asked if I would like them to come back and talk to me, when I had read them. As I would rather vote than do that, I stretched the truth a wee bit and said that as I was Jewish, that might not be a good use of their time. I kicked myself later for not saying “Ha ha I’m Jewish and we killed your last Messiah also” (I must see Passion of the Christ at some stage) to see the reaction.

I noted as they that they did not knock on any other door on my floor, so God knows whether it was targeted or not base don my email address. Perhaps they also saw my on blog!

By coincidence I just did the Quizilla on which archangel are you, and whoops that wasn’t a good sign either. I was hoping to be Michael as he likes “cute naked people” but alas it was not to be.

Lucifer. The most misunderstood of all the
ArchAngels, you’re most like the ArchAngel of
Light. You’ve seen the darkside and have opted
for something better. You need better press,
though chances are no one will really
understand your motives.

Which ArchAngel are you most like?
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