Fuller Tamaki Report

I wasn’t quite live blogging before. I was doing a Major Ingham and texting the proceedings out to a friend who blogged for me. For some reason my final text with the result didn’t get through. There was wireless connection there, but it was secured so I couldn’t use it.

The room was full with 200 people in attendance – like the good old selections of old. In fact several delegates were also at Rob Muldoon’s selection meeting in 1960!

A lot of VIPs there including former leader Jim McLay, and former MPs Sir Douglas Graham and Belinda Vernon. Banksie turned up also and was greeted with a standing ovation. I half expected him to declare himself a late nomination 🙂

All five nominees spoke really well. I wasn’t expecting it to be settled on the first ballot, which meant Allan Peachey got at least 31 of the 60 votes.

Party rules means I can’t report on the content of the speeches, which is a pity.

Allan is almost certain to be the next MP for Tamaki. He is currently the principal of Rangitoto which has almost 3,000 students (and 6,000 parents). It is the largest school in NZ. He leads a team of seven Deputy Principals and over 150 staff.

Next selection I will be attending is the three way race in Wairarapa – a nice winnable seat.

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