Breakfast TV

Breakfast TV (normally on in background as I do morning blogging) is fun to watch with Paul Henry and Alison Mau.

On Friday there was a hilarious item with Joe Bennett where they took the absolute piss of the Green’s proposal that people not buy Xmas presents but give IOUs for various things, including making love. Scenarious of these IOU chits being pulled out in supermarket queues were discussed and finally it was summed up as “Have a chitty Christmas”. It was great.

They also talked about how Ross Armstrong as Chair was meant to have ended the culture of extravagence with salaries. Alison Mau, obviously feeling free to share her feelings as she is off to Prime, exclaimed along the lines of “I tell you what Ross bloody Armstrong did – forced every presenter to take a 20% pay cut”. Heh, she was obviously not a happy camper. Possible TVNZ may be regretting forcing her to work out her contract.

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