Cabinet Reshuffle details

As expected there were no new Ministers created (technically the Labour Caucus would have had to rubberstamp the PM’s Cabinet nominations anyway) but the big surprise is how little she has changed portfolios. What was touted as a major reshuffle becomes merely a minor tidy up.

Nothing online yet but I am told Deputy PM Michael Cullen will become Attorney General next year, Mark Burton will pick up Treaty Negotiations, and Pete Hodgson Commerce.

Steve Maharey takes over Research, Science and Technology and Crown Research Institutes and Paul Swain becomes Minister for State-Owned Enterprises.

UPDATE: Scoop has more changes

UPDATE2: The PM’s press release is now online. Despite what it claims about only four Ministers have not had changes, this is one of the smallest changes a reshuffle has had. Absolutely none of the major portfolios such as Finance, Health, Education, Justice, Foreign Affairs, Police, Defence have changed.

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