UN Scandals

It would come no doubt as a huge surprise to most NZers that the UN has been facing major scandals. There has been a few articles in the media here about it, but really just the odd one off article in the world news section, not the day on day front page coverage that some issues attract.

Max Boot in the LA Times sums it up perfectly by noting:

Imagine if U.S. troops were accused of sexually exploiting children in impoverished nations. Imagine if a U.S. Cabinet secretary were accused of groping a female subordinate, whose complaint was then swatted aside by the president. Imagine if the head of a U.S. government agency and the president’s own offspring stood accused of complicity in the biggest embezzlement racket in history.

He is of course right. If this was the US not the UN it would be the main news item for weeks on end.

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