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Enjoyed the weekly political discussion at 11.30 am today.

Consensus was that the PM telling mothers that they should stop looking after kids and do something useful like screw caps on toothpaste tubes was not helpful to Labour.

Linda Clark joked that if Don Brash rises in the polls after sacking MPs, he just needs to sack two more MPs and he will be in the lead 🙂

The centre right commentator, Matthew Hooton, made an excellent point regarding Clark’s outraegous claims that Hawkins is being bullied because of his stroke. He reminded listeners that National has known about Peck’s problems for years (this is true) and has never used them publicly, and also after Lianne Dalziel had some issues in the late 1990s, they went very easy on her. So far Clark to throw dirt around and accuse National of bullying a stroke victim is just disgusting.

Also was pointed out Clark was in fact ready to sack Hawkins herself last year, but John Tamihere “bullied” her into not doing it.

Both the right and the left commentators agreed a full inquiry into NCEA is vital. So why won’t the Government agree?

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