A great stag party

Saturday was stag night for my good mate Ken(ny) who is marrying his Barbie is a couple of weeks. The afternoon saw paintball up at Grenada and then the real festivities in the evening.

Around 24 of us at Cafe Istanbul for dinner during which Kenny got presented with his official stag night short which had a number of challenges printed on it for him to do that night.

They were:

1) To get slapped by a girl
2) To go down Courtenay Place in a shopping trolley
3) To order a “Gash on the Rocks”
4) To sing “It’s Raining Men” at Steamboat
5) To go to Subway and order a Big Mac Combo and to loduly complain at their refusal, asking to see the Manager
6) To paddle in the Cuba Street Fountain

There one some extra ones added during the night to do with strippers and hitting on men, but we don’t talk about those ones!

Photos of the night over the break.


Next to us at the restaurant was a large group of girls. We tried ot get one of them to slap Kenny but they found him so cute they just wanted to to hold him and remove his shirt!


The girls at the restaurant wrote various messages on Kenny’s shirt and left many lipstick kisses as a reminder of the night.


After the front got full up, they started writing on the back!


It was a night for hen parties also, with our group running into three different hen parties. Kenny is pictured with a bride to be here.


Shong-Mau taking great delight in giving speed to the shopping trolley.


Kenny in the Cuba Street Bucket Fountain.


A badly lit photo of Amanda, Kennys fiancee. Kenny is a very lucky guy and vice-versa Amanda has struck gold also!

I didn’t last the whole night, so kudos to Ross for the photos.

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