A new feature

I’ve decided to introduce a new feature on my blog for the next few weeks.

Having worked and played (so to speak) with MPs from all parties, I am of the view that almost all MPs are basically good decent people (yes even Helen) who have strongly divergent views on what is best for NZ.

Now most of the focus is on what we do not like about what MPs have done, and that is fair enough as the role they hold needs scrutiny and accountability.

But to provide a bit of balance, I thought that over the next few weeks, I am going to blog party by party what I like or admire about each MP in that party. It does not mean I endorse them, or that I ignore their misdeeds, but that most MPs are decent people doing the best job they can, and have some good qualities about them. A repeated focus only on the negatives is not healthy.

I would encourage commenters to respect the spirit of the posts and only add on positive things.

I will start today or tomorrow with the Green Party MPs!

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