The NZ Political Process

1) DPF has idea. Link the silly 5% in 05 pay claim from the unions to the fact that many families will have a 90% effective tax and abatement rate under Labour’s policies.

2) DPF blogs on Tuesday morning how a 5% pay rise for someone on $50,000 may bring in only $5.30/week extra if they have a couple of children etc.

3) National Finance Spokesperson in House that afternoon asks Question 10 on that exact issue. Mallard looks confused.

4) Finance Spokesperson also puts out press release on issue.

5) The Dominion Post and the NZ Herald both run articles on the issue.

6) In House on Wednesday National Leader asks Question 2 on issue. PM confirms that it is correct that someone with two kids on $50,000 who gets a 5% pay rise will only keep 10% of it (if sole income and gets accom supplement), and the Government will pocket the other 90%.

7) DPF sends invoice for services rendered to the Global HQ of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, and also to the CIA.

8) DPF is even more smug than normal, and notes he has started to refer to himself in the third person, a trait previously most identified with Helen Clark. This worries DPF.

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