Wedding No 3

Yesterday was the third wedding in three months for me, so I am hoping this does not mean a funeral is due.

It sounds gushy, but it really was a perfect wedding for a perfect couple. Since the very first day I met Kenny and Amanda it was obvious they would get married one day.

Kenny was looking much better dressed than on his stag night, so we concluded someone else had dressed him, or at least done his tie up for him. Amanda was of course looking even more radiant than normal. And we all knew when she arrived as he trademark laugh could be heard as she approached the church


Amanda, Kenny and Amanda’s grandparents.

The St Hilda’s vicar (who did a great job with one of the best sermons I have heard) obviously had heard of the boys’ sweep-stake on how late Amanda would be to church, as he announced just before Amanda entered that the person who had picked eight minutes had won the sweep-stake. This was me, and I loudly proclaimed my victory. There was a later dispute over whether the vicar was right, and it was suggested that in fact Amanda was 13 minutes late. I argued that God was on my side and refused to concede. My friends were amused that God and I were in the same corner on an issue.

It was in fact lucky that Amanda was a bit late as we made Upper Hutt with only a minute to spare. As we entered the city, we joked about whether we should have had malaria and polio shots before crossing the border 🙂


Courtney and Millsy, Ross, Scott and Lucy outside the church.

The reception was at the James Cook and was first class – great speeches, superb dinner, and excellent company. The bridesmaid told the story of how those of us who used to work with Kenny would hassle him about why he hadn’t proposed to Amanda. We were of course subtle and would never do this more than five times a day. Anyway the bridesmaid went on to explain that one day Amanda phoned me up to say she wants Kenny to propose also, and can we stop hassling him so that he actually will ask her! So we quietly declared a moratorium on marriage talk and hey presto a couple of months later they were engaged 🙂


Amanda with Megan and Tim’s Finlay. He was very well behaved throughout.

Had engaging conversation with one of Amanda’s colleagues as I tried to convert her away from the dark side into embracing National as the party of good and fairness. I realised I had a hard job ahead of me when I found out she is on the board of NZQA 🙂

Well I’ve run out of friends who are engaged, so no more weddings for a while. Must try and encourage some more engagements but accidentally calling someone the name of their boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is probably not a good way to make this happen!

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