Where is NZUSA?

As day after day and week after week we have had more details of scams, rip-offs, illegal inducements and $1.75 billion spent on sub-degree courses which were not even completed, I have wondered where is the voice of the NZ University Students’ Association (NZUSA) and its members?

I would have thought that as it is the students who they purport to represent whom are most affected by this, that they would be the strongest voices calling for an end to the critically flawed funding policy, so more resources can go into quality education.

VUWSA has managed to find it worthwhile to criticise Victoria University spending $200,000 on marketing, but doesn’t have a view on $15 million being spent on a CD, or millions going into radio sing-a-long courses? Why on earth not?

If I was running NZUSA I would be trying to hit the headlines every week pointing out that if the Government didn’t waste so much money on courses which have no learning or teaching involved, then they could actually afford things like lowering the age of parental means testing, increasing the level of student allowances etc.

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