Steven Ching

I have some sympathy for any party, when a candidates turns out to be bad. We’ve all had them. However the Steven Ching affair is quite different in that scandal after scandal come forward, and Labout decided to keep him as a candidate, despite having to resign as a JP etc. This was an appalling error of judgement, if the latest allegations prove to be well founded.

Aaron Bhatnagar has had the best coverage of this issue, so check out his blog. He recalls how Jordan said of Mr Ching that he is “a good asset to have on the list come election time.”

I can not work out why Labour did not dump him, when they had the opportunity to do so. He actually offered to quit, yet it was refused.

Considering the allegations (to which there are witnesses) are that Ching offered Government appointments in exchange for money, I think Labour has to come clean and reveal how much money Ching has donated and raised for Labour (he is described as a top fund-raiser for them). Was the reason that Ching’s resignation was not accepted, because of the amount of money he had raised for the party?

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