Keith Ng on Steven Ching

Heh yes it rhymes. Anyway Keith has blogged (on Tze Ming Mok’s blog just to confuse people) about Steven Ching, and he doesn’t hold back.

Ng holds responsible for “selecting someone who doesn’t really speak English, doesn’t understand New Zealand politics, doesn’t seem to care about either, and who was clearly never going to make any genuine contribution beyond raking in donations.”

He winds up further saying “Labour, by selecting someone who was obviously never going to be able to contribute anything as a representative, they have demonstrated a genuine commitment to the idea that Chinese New Zealanders are nothing more than passive participants who should have a token role in the democratic process because, really, they’re just a bunch of rich, greedy foreigners who don’t even speak English anyway.”

Wow this make’s Aaron’s coverage look balanced 🙂

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