Who will replace Helen?

The NZ Herald has done a poll on who in Labour should replace Helen Clark when she steps down as Labour Leader (hopefully on 25 September!).

The online version doesn’t have full results, but the order is:

1) Michael CUllen
2) Phil Goff
3) John Tamihere
4) Trevor Mallard
5) Steve Maharey

Dr Cullen is acknowledged as likely to be a temporary leader only.

Goff desperately wants the job but it is highly unlikely he could get significant support as the left can’t stand him for his law and order policies.

I have more chance of being elected Leader of the Labour Party than John Tamihere does.

Trevor Mallard can not be ruled out as an option. There are concerns over his aggressive style, and whether he has the ability to appear “presidential”.

Steve Maharey was once a reasonable contender but his absolute failure in tertiary education is a big black mark.

David Benson-Pope has been rumoured to be Clark’s personal choice as her sucessor.

Mark Gosche was once seen as a future leader, but he never really excelled in Cabinet and family illness has seen him out of the limelight.

Oh of course Darren Hughes has his eyes on the top job!

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