Tamaki gets worse

In his latest rant he wistfully recalls the time when adult consenting New Zealanders could be sent to jail for up to ten years, just for having sex in a way he doesn’t approve of.

He claims the law changes were made so homosexuals could “get your child and your grandchild”, so effectively is claiming gays are paedophiles. Considering the charges his former ‘colleague’ in Christian Heritage is facing, I would suggest he should concentrate on actual child abusers, not defaming 200,000 or so NZers.

I just can not work out where his hatred for gays comes from. I mean speaking personally I can’t work out why some people are attracted to the same sex, because I fall head over heels for women unfailingly. But I have enough gay friends that I know damn well that choice has nothing to do with it. Jesus, why would anyone choose to put up with crap like that from Tamaki.

Now-a-days when I find out someone is gay, it means about as much to me, as finding out that someone was born in Australia. I don’t give a f**k who they sleep with, and neither should anyone else in my opinion.

As for this crap about loving the sinner, hating the sin. Well it is crap. Tamaki preaches hatred and intolerance. If you want to condemn sins, then fine – let’s start with greed, Archbishop Tamaki. Or how about you condemn all the heterosexual sins. Shit if we wanted to get into a pissing contest, I reckon I could claim way more sins than the average gay person – well maybe not in quantity, but in quality 🙂

I try to avoid extravagant comparisons. But when you read how Tamaki basically wants it to be illegal for any non-Christian MPs to be in Parliament, one wonders how far his views are from the Taliban? Of course has has not committed the atrocities that hey have, but is this only due to lack of opportunity? Okay, that last part was silly, but people need to look closely at what he stands for – it is a society of hatred and intolerance. The day we resemble such a society, will be the day I leave New Zealand!

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