Tracey Barnett writes in the NZ Herald about the unfortunate rise of anti-americanism in NZ.

This got me thinking more about Trevor Mallard’s incredible allegations that Don Brash was basically in the pay of the United States and having policy dictated to them. It is not unusual in politics around the world for a politician to try and smear their opponent by claiming they are controlled by the US. But the countries where these sort of allegations are made are normally Zimbabwe and Iran, not first world countries. I don’t think one can under-estimate how much damage Mallard’s stunt will have done to our relationship with the US.

Now on National Radio on Tuesday, Matthew Hooton provocatively pointed out on Nine to Noon that the left’s anti-Americanism sounds more and more like anti-semitism in Germany in the 1930s. Accusations of secretly controlling and bankrolling people formed the basis of anti-semitism.

The article linked above by an American saying Aucklanders refuse to talk to her at parties and say things like:

“You’re not American, I hope?”

“Yes, in fact, I am.”

“That’s too bad.”

Now Matthew may have been provocative but one can imagine the exchange in Germany 1930s:

“You’re not a Jew, I hope?”

“Yes, in fact, I am.”

“That’s too bad.”

Shame on Trevor Mallard for his part in fostering anti-americanism. His target may have been Don Brash but the damage he has caused goes far wider.

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