Greens refute McGillicuddy Serious comparisons

Oh dear it is a bit sad when the Greens feel they have to actually refute a statement from Gerry Brownlee that have policies that even the McGillicuddy Serious Party would be proud of.

And deep down I am sure they do agree with MGSP that NZ First supporters should be deported.

The interesting thing with their list of refutations is how many actually are true. Let’s look at them.

* Smacking Ban – even the Police now say it will criminalise smacking
* Drug Laws relaxed – correct (not that I have a problem with that personally)
* Road Funding frozen – correct – they boast of it
* New taxes – correct and their proposed making the first $5K tax free in exchange will be of most benefit to people who already pay no net tax
* More expensive energy and fuel taxes – correct
* Some imported goods banned – correct
* Support race-based funding such as spiritual healing – correct
* Allow mass strikes on any issue at all – correct
* Allow 16 year olds to go on the dole or sickness benefit – correct
* Too PC – well a smacking ban is a good example
* Brain Drain would accelerate – an assertion for the future so not provable
* Become a laughing stock – an assertion of opinion

The thing that struck me was that Frog basically didn’t refute the factual basis of any of the claims. Frog gave some context for why they want to do stuff, but in fact by their own words most of what Gerry asserted is absolutely correct.

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