Three things I like

The film – A History of Violence

Went to see this in Edinburgh knowing nothing about it. Greatly enjoyed it. It is R18 as some of the violence is fairly brutal and graphic, but this fits the plot well – which is basically why the cafe owner father is so good at killing people when threatened.

My favourite scene actually involved the son. I cheered.

Go see it, if it is out in NZ. Damn good.


The fares are great – only 14 pounds from Edinburgh to Belfast for example.

But also love the relaxed atmosphere and the staff. Very friendly and casually dressed in orange shirts rather than full uniforms other airlines have.

A very social secretary

Saw this on Monday. My God – NZ politicians get off lightly. For those who don’t know, this is a satircal production based on Labour’s David Blunkett’s affair with Kimberly Quinn,the pubisher of the right wing Spectator.

Bernard Hill as David Blunkett is perfectly cast. Tony and Cherie Blair are featured also – a great scene where Cherie tells Tony off for picking up the toys from the lounge, because they have a photo shoot there later.

Overall you end up feeling sorry for Blunkett, dislking Quinn and laughing at Tony Blair. Very cruel for all involved. In NZ affairs are not even publicised, let alone have a satire made based on them!

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