A Liberal Latham Diary?

The Latham Diaries rocked the Australian Labor Party with their vehement criticism (and more) of former colleagues.

Well according to Crikey (who have kindly given me a subscription to the daily e-mail which normally has 30+ stories in it) the former Leader of the Tasmanian Liberals may be planning the same. Read this letter from the current leader to the former leader:

Dear Bob,

It would appear from newspaper articles, that you intend to publish a book, presumably a memoir of sorts.

It is important to me that you understand clearly what my position is, prior to publication, on any material contained in your book which is designed to damage me personally, my family or me in my current office as Leader of the Opposition. I have taken high-level legal advice on this matter.

Based on the timing of the release of your book, I take it that you will be seeking to inflict damage of some sort, so I give you fair notice that, if you rely on gossip, rumour or innuendo etc in order to damage my reputation or character I will be taking immediate action in the Supreme Court to recover exemplary damages. Any allegations you make against me, based on first hand or second hand information will need to stand up as clear

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