The election of a majority Hamas Government by the Palestinians provides remarkable, but regrettable, clarity.

Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. It does not want a return to the UN borders, it wants to wipe Israel out. So lets have no more moral equivalence between the Palestinians and Israel. Israel has been unilaterally withdrawing from territory, while the Palestians have elected an administration whose goal is destroying Israel, and practises what it preaches on a regular basis.

No Right Turn has simplistically portrayed Israel’s react as a choice between respecting the results of the election or vetoing it with tanks and guns.

Israel should not of course ‘veto’ the results. But it has a vital duty to protect its citizens. So until there is a Palestinian Government that is not trying to kill every last Jew in Israel, Israel needs to close the borders. Double the height of the wall, stop all co-operation, stop all financial assistance and do not give back one further square centimetre of land.

It is now very clear that even if Israel tomorrow gave back all the occupied territories, they would remain under attack. The more territory they give back the more of their citizens and houses which would be open to attack.

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