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Iain Dale blogs on the poll showing 40% of Muslims in the UK want sharia law there. I really can not work out why people move to secular countries and want to turn them into countries governed by religious law. Why not stay in one of the 50 countries that do have sharia law!

David (son of Milton) Friedman muses on whether one has rational bigotry.

Maia blogs her list of the ten worst New Zealanders. I thought of doing this myself but I don’t know enough ‘bad’ people from our past. Oh and goes without saying I disagree with almost all of Maia’s picks!

Down in hell Satan reports that they now have ice skating because Trevor Loudon has blogged he agrees with Keith Locke. And Keith is holding up an “Obey the UN” placard! 🙂

Rodney highlights how Winston has moved his electorate office to Auckland. Has he moved house also?

Frit also has a disturbing newspaper headline in the UK.

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