Air New Zealand Uniforms

This week is the annual round of consultations for InternetNZ with members in the major cities. So Monday night was Wellington, Tuesday was Christchurch and now up in Auckland tonight before I head back to Wellington tomorrow.

Talking of consultations, was pleased to see an article in Computer World where one of the top Internet lobbyists in the US, Marilyn Cade, holds up our consultation model as a very good one.

Incidentally this may be the last year we fly around for these. We are hoping to have an access grid in place by next year which will enable link-ups between the cities. Certainly will be preferable to hours on planes.

Anyway this means I have been seeing a lot of the new Air NZ uniforms. And I’m somewhat undecided on them.

They are most definitely an improvement on the old uniforms. The old ones were yuck. But the new ones don’t quite do it for me either. The colour is just a bit too light. And the male uniforms look a bit like something out of a cabaret.

What do others think who have seen them?

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